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Lemon Tree

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Lemon Eureka

  • lemon tree
  • lemon tree
  • lemon tree

Lemon Eureka

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3 reviews

Smooth skinned, large, juicy bitter lemon produced on a thorny tree. Fruit on Eureka Lemon Tree are available most time of the year. When buying Eureka Lemon Tree - you are getting the most popular variety in Australia. Eureka bears fruit in as little as 1-2 years and is easy to grow.

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Eureka Lemon Tree Characteristics

Mature Height
3 - 5 meters
Mature Width
3 - 5 meters
Planting Season
All year round
Sun Exposure
Half Shadow - Full Sun
Soil Composition
Years to bear
1 - 2 years
Soil PH level
PH of 5.5 to 6.5
All year
Well drained, average moistness

Eureka Lemon Tree Planting and Care

Eureka lemon tree is the most wide spread variety in Australia. Growing is easy and doesn’t require any specific skills. Every plant arrives with detailed, step by step instructions. So, you’ll be able to plant it right away!


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Customer Reviews

  • Eureka is my best choice - for sure. The lemon tree crops all year round so you always have a fresh lemon. Another great thing about Eureka is its strong flavor. It does smell and taste like the best lemon in the world!


  • Eureka is amazing. It's one of my favorites. Very easy to grow and great taste.


  • Have bought Eureka lemon tree 2 years ago. This year the first fruit ripened. It actually is one of the best citrus trees to have in your garden.