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Lemon Tree

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Lemon Lisbon

  • lemon tree
  • lemon tree
  • lemon tree

Lemon Lisbon

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3 reviews

Smooth skinned, large, juicy bitter lemon produced on a thorny tree. Fruit on Eureka Lemon Tree are available most time of the year. When buying Eureka Lemon Tree - you are getting the most popular variety in Australia. Eureka bears fruit in as little as 1-2 years and is easy to grow.

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Lemon Lisbon Characteristics

Mature Height
3 - 5 meters
Mature Width
3 - 5 meters
Planting Season
All year round
Sun Exposure
Half Shadow - Full Sun
Soil Composition
Years to bear
1 - 2 years
Soil PH level
PH of 5.5 to 6.5
All year
Well drained, average moistness

Lemon Lisbon Planting and Care

Lemon Lisbon is quite similar to Eureka, but it has a thornier, dense foliage. Lemon Lisbon produces crop all year round. Lisbon lemons are juicier and, overall, less seedy then Eureka. When buying Eureka lemons - you are buying one of the most popular trees in Australia.


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Customer Reviews

  • Have a Lisbon Lemon in my garden - I think they are the most juicy lemons out there.


  • The thing I like about Lisbon Lemons the most is their thick skin, which make them perfect for zesting. Amazing tree!


  • Lisbon lemons are absolutely great. Have a Lisbon Lemon in my garden for 5 years - and every day have a fresh lemon on my table.